The idea of the camel came about many years ago.  During a series of all-nighters in the production of a show, a client commented, “PJ, you’re a camel.  You can go for days”.  Please understand that I don’t particularly enjoy all-nighters, but occasionally, they are accepted as the nature of the biz.  I guess everyone has a cross (or camel) to bear.

At this juncture, I should explain that I’ve raised four incredible kids.  They’ve each done extraordinary things in their young lives, and of course, I am extremely proud of them.  Now, fast-forward a few years.

One evening while the kids were all still at home, I heard an argument going on in the rec room.  I peeked in to observe the four of them in a heated discussion over what a camel looks like.  Just at that moment, my youngest, Tricia, picked up a marker and, with great drama, drew her description on a whiteboard that hung near the pool table.  Somehow, that ended the argument, and the topic changed. 

No one ever bothered erasing that camel from the whiteboard, and although other markings came and went, the camel stayed.

Later on, I was faced with a divorce and moving out of my home of twenty-one years.  As I packed the last of my things, my eyes caught the sight of the camel on the rec room wall.  I was overwhelmed with memories, and reaching for my cell phone-camera, I captured the image. 

A few years ago, I made that camel part of my logo.  Now Tricia says she’ll collect a royalty on my usage of her original artwork.  To me, it not only brings back memories of my kids, but it’s also a reminder that everything I did (including all-nighters) was for them.

In 2017 I married a childhood friend, Linda, who is an amazingly talented abstract expressionist artist, among her many gifts.  Together with her beautiful daughter Amber, we're all enjoying life and thankful to God for what we have.

Oh, one more thing about me...

I am proud to be a
Shriner. For over 100 years, our organization has provided healthcare for children... giving them the highest quality care for neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and other special healthcare needs within a compassionate, family-centered and collaborative care environment.

We also provide for the education of physicians and other healthcare professionals, and conduct research to improve the quality of care and quality of life of children and families. 

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, we now gratefully provide treatment and physical rehab for wounded American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.

We carry out our mission without regard to race, color, creed, sex or sect, disability, national origin or ability of a patient or family to pay.

We operate 22 hospitals in North America.  We even provide transportation services for those requiring long-distance travel to get to one of our hospitals.

Your support for Shriners Hospitals is much appreciated! 



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